Online Social Work Degree



Online Social Work Degree

Social work is a very important purview, in which social workers can help the people and they can affect significantly on the people’s life, social workers support the people who suffer from many different problems such as illness, addiction, and any physical or mental issues.

If you want to earn a social work degree and you don’t have the appropriate time for this, the online social work degree is the solution for you, you can get it via web-based programs at any time you want.

Some Information About The Online Social Work Degree

  • Choosing the program carefully is an important side of getting an online social work degree, in which the program must be accredited.
  • The cost of this degree differs according to the state residency, in which the cost for the resident student is lower than the cost for the out of state student, but some colleges put other different factors for the cost.
  • There are some technology fees for the online students for getting this online degree.
  • The total cost may be between 48,000$ and 53,000$.
  • In the online coursework, the student can choose a special area of social work for studying it in-depth such as child care and alcoholism.
  • The students have some hours, between 400 to 600 hours of practicum, it is necessary for this degree, in these hours, they can apply their knowledge and their skills in the real life.

Some Professional Associations In Social Work

  1. National Association of social workers.
  2. Council on social work education.

Society for social work and research