Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree

Accounting is often referred to as “the business language”. It provides a solid and informative framework for career achievement. The call for accountant jobs continues to grow even in hard economic times., Many students think of the Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree as a long-term investment to ensure more career establishment. Accounting-related positions are expected to grow by 10% between 2016 and 2026. After acquiring an Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree, you can wait for a satisfying career as a trusted business consultant.

Most Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree programs provide a similar curriculum. But, some schools propose collections of elective classes as well. From which you can choose a set of subjects that satisfy your specific requirements. Elective classes might cover corporate appraisal, forensic accounting, futures and securities, and upper-level tax classes.

Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree Careers:

Many grads of Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree programs persevere vocations in specialties such as auditing, managerial accounting, or government accounting. Experienced in the problem-solving, research, analytics and interpersonal relationships, many accounting alums usually proceed to get a CPA certificate in order to qualify for more administrative positions. These are the most popular accounting jobs for Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree holders:

  • Accountants and Auditors:

Average Yearly Salary: $68,150

Forecasted Job Demand Growth Rate: 10%

  • Private Financial Advisers:

Average Yearly Salary: $90,530

Forecasted Job Demand Growth Rate:: 15%

  • Financial Analysts:

Average Yearly Salary: $79,280

Forecasted Job Demand Growth Rate: 10%

 Best Schools For Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree Programs

    1. University of Memphis, Tennessee
    2. University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minnesota
    3. Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
    4. Pennsylvania State University–World Campus, Pennsylvania
  • Washington State University, Pullman