5 Ways to Reduce Political Distrust in Your Relationship


At the most basic level, trust is a feeling that we want to have in our relationship. When we trust our partner, it means that there is a belief that our partner will not betray or hurt us. Of course, when you’re in a relationship with someone who has an opposite political view from your own, this can be hard to maintain. There are things that you can do to make your time together more enjoyable and reduce the distrust you may feel in your relationship. This blog is all about finding ways to reduce political distrust in relationships.

What Is Political Distrust?

Political distrust is a feeling that you have in your relationship where you feel that your partner will not be there for you or will betray you. It is specifically the opposite of trust. In order to find ways to reduce political mistrust in relationships, it helps to identify what constitutes political distrust and why it may occur.

Politically-motivated distrust can stem from a variety of issues. For example, if you are debating whether or not to get married with someone who has different views on marriage than your own, you might feel distrust during the discussion because they might want to marry someone else or want to leave the country.

What Causes Political Distrust in Relationships?

It’s difficult enough to maintain trust in a relationship when your partner values different things than you. However, it can become harder still when you have political views that are different from one another. In the past, many relationships between those who hold different views on politics have ended due to this factor.

As a result, many people look for ways to reduce political distrust in their relationships. Here are some of the most common causes of political distrust in relationships:

-The partner is not interested in talking about politics

-One or both partners continually criticize each other

-The partner doesn’t take time to listen

-The partner has a sense of entitlement

There are also other factors that contribute to political distrust in relationships, including age difference or differences in socioeconomic standing.

5 Ways to Reduce Political Distrust in Your Relationship

1. Discuss your differences. When you first start dating someone, it doesn’t usually come up. That’s why the first step is to get comfortable talking about the important things in your life and not just focusing on the superficial stuff. Talk about your differences and how they affect what type of relationship you want to have with this person. This will help you better understand one another, which will make it easier for you to discuss politics later on.

2. Start a blog together! If you’re not ready to talk about politics yet, write about other topics that are important for both of you in your relationship. You can share this blog with each other so that you can easily discuss it later once some trust has been established between the two of you. You might also find a way to turn this into a conversation starter at a date night or when you’re having coffee together after work!

3. Ask questions instead of giving opinions- Stop telling people what their opinions should be and ask them to explain their opinions instead of stating yours outright. Make sure that there isn’t any judgment in those questions, just genuine curiosity and interest in understanding their thoughts more fully without being told what those thoughts should be by someone else.


Political distrust can wreak havoc on your relationship.

So what is political distrust? It’s when one partner in a relationship believes that the other partner is only out for their own personal gain and not concerned with the well being of the relationship.

And, trust is the foundation of any relationship.

But there are ways to reduce political distrust in your relationship. Here are 5 tips that can help!

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